Daily Energy workshop is offered repeatedly throughout the year. 

All kinds of things are said about energy. For example: “I have no more energy,” “I put all my energy into this project,” “This person drains me” “As we age we have less energy.”

What is it really? What power do we have over our energy? How do we take care and use our energy in our daily lives? How to reclaim our strengths and maintain an energy level that suits us?

This workshop will provide tools to improve your daily energy. This workshop will teach you basic information about metaphysical energy, it will help you recognize the tools you already use and will offer you new ones you can apply day to day.

During this workshop, we will see the following elements:

  • What is energy and what is its impact on our daily lives?
  • How does energy circulate in the environment, between people and inside us?
  • How do we care for ourselves and our energy?
    • Center and reconnect (basic grounding and basic protection)
    • Reclaim your strengths
    • Increase our energy’s vibration and strength
    • Cleansing or clearing a room and objects
    • How best to use the masculine and feminine energies
    • Understand the impact of words and thoughts on your energy

The tools are simple and require little time. They can be easily integrated into everyday life at home and at work.