Quick Check List to your Health & Wellbeing

Quick Check List to your Health & Wellbeing Know what creates your Health & Wellbeing. Seek out and try the modalities. Respect the modalities of choice by giving them a fair chance. Invest as much in your body as you do in your car. You’re worth it! Commit to your set appointments with your H&W […]

Top 10 Reasons To Try ACUPUNCTURE

1. Acupuncturists view each person as a dynamic and holistic being. We are all unique. Our atoms, cells, tissues, and organs are inter-connected and function as an integrated whole. 2. Acupuncture helps to stimulate and strengthen the self-healing capacity of the body. 3. Acupuncture has no negative side-effects. 4. Acupuncture helps to support and strengthen the immune system. […]